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Fun Family Weekends

Posted By klynnmorton on Jul 14, 2007 at 10:33PM

I have been trying to keep myself and my family happy on the weekends by finding unique and fun things to do...or sometimes just regular ole stuff to do that is simply fun because we are all together.

1. Zoo-we have a great Radio Flyer wagon ready to take our son to the zoo...he is learning which animals are which now, so this will be educational and social...all at the same time!

2. Drive-in: I don't know if every major city has one nearby, but this is perfect for the whole family, no one (but you) cares how much noise your child makes or how much popcorn he throws...and you can rest your feet, take off your shoes, and lie back and watch a great movie with your honey (or just your kids)

3. Saturday breakfast: We don't get out to eat regularly, so at least a few Saturdays a month we go to our favorite breakfast place, call it a cheat meal, and have pancakes drenched in syrup, french toast, eggs with cheese, and hot chocolate (and my son has some smiley faced pancake he thinks is his new best friend on a plate!)

4. Painting the town: Take some watercolors, some paper, go sit at your favorite spot, and have everyone paint a picture of what they see...it is amazing how differently people interpret the same things...and even more amazing how much better your child's painting is :-)

5. Romper Room: Let everyone act like they are 2, and go to a park, or stay in your own backyard, take hula hoops, whirly balls, paddleballs, bouncy balls, and whatever else tickles your fancy, then play like kids...all of you...how fun is that ! Hula hoop contest anyone?

6. Skating : We still old school roller skate, but whether roller, inline, or ice...it is so fun to watch everyone else and your husband fall

7. Hometown Tours : We sometimes just drive around and discover things...or go to the old faithfuls and take in the history of our city...

8. Pajama day: Sometimes, just spend the day in your jammies, rent movies, eat pizza and chips, take naps when you feel like it, do whatever you wanna...and once you do get ready to go to sleep, no prepartion invovled!!!!!

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